Established fashion / art photographer Daria, was born in the small Russian town - Togliatti. Afterwards Daria and her family moved to the countryside, close to Moscow, where she lived all her childhood. She remembers those times being one of her main inspiration for the art works she creates today.  

Daria started to experiment with visual arts at the age of 15. In 2012 she moved to London to start her degree in BA fashion photography in London College of Fashion from where she successfully graduated in 2015. Since the second year at university Daria began to develop her signature style in the field of art photography, which she concisely managed to combine with fashion in her following artworks.  

After graduation from LCF and 4 years of creative collaborations and working in UK she made her way to NYC where her career has continued to develop. Daria participated in several art exhibitions, as well as had her private photography show.

Today Daria is based in London and produces artwork that is laced with emotion and steeped with ethereal beauty. Since then she has continuously developed and pushed her practice of fashion photography towards heightened levels of surrealism and beauty. The dark emotional state that exudes from the work imbues her series of images with a fantasy and baroque/gothic fairy tale sensibility. 

A touch of dramatic and macabre beauty style is clearly can be seen through Daria’s art works.. 

Being a young artist she appears to show the strong aesthetic by creating unique body of work. The element of romantic atmosphere and drama is an essential part, alongside the use of religious iconography, graveyards, fantasy characters, etc. – all elements that feature and dominate her frames also. Today’s Daria's main focus is to create original art photography pieces and promote them in order to broaden minds.

Production is key in creating Daria’s signature aesthetic. From models and outfits to props and locations these carefully curated choices result in dark, emotive photography with a large degree of fairy tale like sensibility. 

Today Daria is based in London, and works worldwide.


Fashion Week Show Room, Milan, 2014

London College of Fashion BA Graduation show, London,2015

ART NOW - The Artists Fair, London, 2015

Showcase of art photographs, Salmontini, London, 2015

Gallery showcase at Hyde Park, Luminaire Arts, London,2015

RAW Artists: REVEAL show, New York, 2016

Private Show of Artworks, New York, 2016

Private Exhibition, Multimedia Art Musem, Moscow, 2019




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